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You have to provide lots of KDMs for a multitude of movies to dedicated screens in a tight time frame? KDM Studio is your perfect tool to make KDM provision for a film festival smooth and stress-free.

Managed from your mobile phone

Several KDMs for various movie titles can be distributed to the same cinema center - all processed in in one booking with one click. You can manage and control everything from your mobile phone: server certificates, DKDMs, your customized cinema and bookings database. And all this can conveniently be used again for the next festival.


With KDM Studio you only pay the actual use per KDM transaction. For users like you, who only distribute KDMs now and then, there are small packages of 200 or 500 KDM credits available. Of course they remain valid indefinitely.

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Enter DCPtools KDM Studio in trial mode and get your initial 15 KDM credits to find out what is the best usage for your KDM distribution workflow.

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