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DCPtools Remote Encoder

DCPtools Remote Encoder is a high performance system for pre-processing and encoding of any suitable image sequences to DCI compliant JPEG2000 images. The automation starts with the import of data to be processed from external data sources, goes through cropping, scaling, letter / pillar boxing and encoding up to the provision of processed data ready for mastering into a DCP.

The main features are:
  • Full automation of the workflow
  • Parallelization of all processes for an arbitrary amount of jobs
  • High speed encoding at 150 fps and more
The job monitor

The clearly laid out Job Monitor provides an immediate overview of the progress of ongoing and finished projects. It can be accessed from any PC / tablet on the network via a secure web interface. Optionally it can also be accessed over the internet. From this interface all other functions are started.

The definition of the required tasks while registering a new job needs minimal effort.

  • Where shall the image data be collected?
  • If so, how many pixels shall be trimmed and where?
  • Which target format is required and how shall the matching image formats be produced?
Flexible encoding

The encoding screen is the heart of the Remote Encoder. Variable bitrates with maximum limit, color depth and color space conversion with flexible LUT tables and gamma - all will be set here.

Additional alternatives of a job, e.g. in various bit rates, color space calculations or scaling will be processed by Remote Encoders in parallel computing. You'll be impressed by how simple and obvious it is, to create a variety of encoding variants. The Remote Encoder accomplishes tasks almost casually, which are usually not even considered due to long hours of computing time they would take.

Another variant can be added to a job any time with just a few entries.

High speed execution

The prepared jobs can be started together or sequentially. New jobs can be added at any time. As soon as the jobs have been started, all tasks will be carried out according to a predetermined priority. Slow imports from external USB HDD may be combined with fast network access. The hardware-accelerated encoding unit processes all jobs almost simultaneously. By optimizing job scheduling a performance of 150 fps and more can be reached without problems.

The Remote Encoder is made for working 24/7. You may therefore entrust it with any number of jobs, and it will do its tasks reliably.