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You have to distribute hundreds of KDMs to a multitude of cinemas? KDM Studio is the perfect tool for you to manage this task. Assign the cinemas to various groups for various kinds of bookings. Unlock additional film versions (e.g.2D/3D/different language) for a cinema with a simple click during the booking process.

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Taking care of so many theaters is getting too labor-intensive? Not with KDM24. Standard requests like a repeated KDM delivery or server certificates for swapped equipment will be answered by KDM24. It's KDM Studio's self-service portal for your recipients. All the while you can control everything from your mobile phone.


For a power user of KDM Studio like you, KDM Studio is particularly favorable. At the purchase of 5000 KDM credits the price for processing drops to 50 cents per KDM.

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Enter DCPtools KDM Studio in trial mode and get your initial 15 KDM credits to find out what is the best usage for your KDM distribution workflow.

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